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SACNASP, believes that all of it's staff, council members, & registered scientists share a responsibility to ensure that all scientific processes, fields of practice and general natural science professions, follow the code of ethics established by the council see link(code of ethics): This is to ensure all engagement and services are carried out to the highest professional standards.

SACNASP, encourages open communication amongst all Natural Science professionals and would like anyone with concerns to direct their issues to our registrations office, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Any problem should be resolved as close to its source as possible. It is better, therefore to report concerns to your line manager or management.

How are Concerns Dealt With?

In the first place the person whom you made the disclosure to needs to make sure that no one is at serious risk or in danger. If they are, prompt action needs to be taken to protect them.

Initial Fact Finding

Initial enquiries will usually be made to decide how to deal with any concerns raised. All serious concerns will be investigated quickly using the most appropriate procedure.


Investigations might be undertaken by the internal management, a panel (including a nominated officer by the Director of SACNASP). In some cases the matter will need to be referred to the police for an independent inquiry.


The investigating officer/panel will try to tell you within ten working days the concerns you have raised have been dealt with. As far as possible the investigations will be endeavored to be completed within twenty-eight working days. However, complex investigations may take longer. Any investigation taking longer than twenty-eight working days will be reviewed and you will be kept informed of any delays.

  • breach of recognised or established standards of professional practice or conduct within industry practice; Confidential reporting (Whistleblowing) Procedure
  • suspected conduct which is an offence or a breach of the law, including criminal activity;
  • suspected breach of industry or Local Authority policy;
  • fraud or corruption; e.g. misappropriation of funds
  • danger to health and safety;
  • dangerous procedures or practice risking Health and Safety
  • conduct which may be deemed unethical and/or cover up of any such things
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