The process of reconstituting the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions has been completed.  The following people have been appointed to serve on the new Council:

Dr Gerda Botha Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Stephanus Terblanche Pr.Sci.Nat.
Prof KA Nephawe Pr.Sci.Nat.
Mr Neale Baartjes Pr.Sci.Nat.
Prof George Bredenkamp Pr.Sci.Nat.
Prof Robin Crewe Pr.Sci.Nat.
Prof Brian Reilly Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Juanita van Heerden Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Jacqueline S Galpin Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Roelof Coetzer Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Irvy Gledhill Pri.Sci.Nat.
Mr Desmond Musetsho
Dr Monde Mayekiso
Mr Fhatuwani Ramagwede Pr.Sci.Nat.
Dr Phethiwe Matutu
Dr Philia Rixongile Vukea
Prof Mary Gulumian
Mr Poobalan Govender Pr.Sci.Nat
Dr Wendy Ngoma
Ms Thulisile Njapa Mashanda
Ms Petunia Masemola