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Based on the needs of developing countries, the Japan Science and TechnologyAgency (JST) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) cooperate topromote international joint research targeting global issues with an objective offuture utilization of research outcomes. Implemented through collaboration withOfficial Development Assistance (ODA), the aim of the Programme is to acquire newknowledge and technology that lead to the resolution of global issues and advancescience, technology and innovation. It also aims to enhance the research anddevelopment capabilities of developing countries, and helps create sustainableresearch systems able to address and resolve development issues. The Programmeinvolves participation by the South African Department of Science and Technology(DST) insofar as it concerns the pre-selection and submission of project proposals tothe Japanese funding agencies, in which regard the DST is pleased herewith to inviteSouth African submissions by the closing date indicated below.
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