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Necessary tools to nurture and build in women in oil and gas

When, Where & Cost

Dates: 18th &19th September 2014
Venue: Amabhubesi Training Centre, Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Cost : R7490 per delegate plus 14 % VAT (R1048.60) = R 8538.60


Research has shown that gender diversity helps business perform better, indicates that self interest and common interest can come together which women in oil and gas need to leverage on. Governments are also aware that the inclusion of women drives development, the national economy and that development plans require rapidly moving towards gender equality.

Historically, oil and gas is known to be a male dominated industry, however, this has been changing due to more women contributing to the growth of the industry. The industry welcomes and recognizes the benefits of a diverse workforce as they can draw on more ideas, innovation and contributions. Globally, the job market has become competitive, this competition has challenged the industry to open its doors to women in its effort to access the best talent. The participation of women in the industry has changed and continues to change.

The oil and gas industry has evolved over time to an almost level playing field for both male and female employees. However, there are certain challenges women must be prepared to face in their careers when adapting to a male- dominated industry. In order to be able to address these challenges of women’s participation and attract female talents in the industry, necessary tools need to be put in place to nurture and build these women.

Who Should Attend

Women from the following segments of the industry:

Objectives of this course

Highlights include

Appreciating diversity in ethnicity, age, and gender within the oil and gas industry in South Africa.
Challenges that women face in the oil and gas Industry and Opportunities for women in the Gas Industry (Workshop)
Security of Supply of Petroleum Products in South Africa
Which kind of woman has a sustainable place in the Oil and Gas industry?
Network with key players in assisting women growth within the industry.


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